Fresh Start  in 8 Kundalini session
Ganga Kaur G
Ganga Kaur G

Fresh Start in 8 Kundalini session

One-To-One private session

About Kundalini: Kundalini that is also known as the Serpent Power is primordial cosmic energy. It is the supreme spiritual energy and at the same time the fundamental life force that is lying dormant at the base of the subtle spine until activation is complete. Kundalini is essentially a potentiality of our being which​,​ when we are awakened​,​ opens us to a cosmic​,​ non-personal dimension of energy. After activation of Kundalini in our body​,​ we come to Spiritual realisation as a result of transformation. This deep practice is all about helping you activate your Kundalini and to connect with your inner and higher self. By going through breathing exercises​,​ movements and being here & now​,​ we become more flexible physically and mentally​,​ so that we can change old patterns​,​ be connected with ourselves and our soul's purpose. ☀️ This is a very powerful practice and a great doorway for those who want to unlock the joy of their life. What to bring: It is important not to eat for 2 hours before our session begins.During the session you will need a soft blanket that we will use during relaxation and a shawl​/​scarf (preferably in white colour) to cover your head during some parts of the session. By consistently practicing for 8 weeks​,​ you will achieve transformative results.

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