The Quantum pendulum: Soul Contracts, Past Lives, Patterns
Gaby L
Gaby L

The Quantum pendulum: Soul Contracts​,​ Past Lives​,​ Patterns

One-To-One private session

The Quantum pendulum it’s a great tool to find out the cause of your problems. The pendulum will guide us showing us Past life​,​ soul contracts​,​ Family tree patterns​,​ Energetic problems​,​ Physical problems​,​ Spiritual problems and external problems that could be affecting your energetic system. It’s a complete treatment that can release and re direct the energy to heal any situation. It’s a great tool to cut energetic connections and relationships that are harmful​,​ from love relationships to family relationships. The situations can include a relationship​,​ disease​,​ work ​,​ money​,​ marriage​,​ love​,​ friendship​,​ patterns​,​ behaviours​,​ addictions​,​ etc… For this session I will send you a video working in the problem that you want me to check specifically or cutting the energetic leash you have with someone. I highly recommend it for ex relationships and parents relationships. The session needs to be set up with a specific goal. One goal per session until the pendulum says it’s resolved.

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