Facial Rejuvenation  Healing
Toby A
Toby A

Facial Rejuvenation Healing

One-To-One private session

These are Non-Contact sessions. Unlike cosmetics​,​ Holistic Facial Rejuvenation lends a shine that comes from within. It removes fine lines and wrinkles and I've had people stopped in the street and asked why they shine so much. Since the treatment goes directly to the soul​,​ The rejuvenation is not something you can get from a bottle. This is not something that can be covered up​,​ this is something to show everyone. It takes years off you - the game I play is for them not to tell anyone and see just how long it takes for someone to notice (usually a husband). It releases the tension and pain that's etched in your face - since you 'get the face you deserve'​,​ this allows the true you to come out as though you've had a life with zero stress. I have the C.E.O. of top Luxury Fashion house booked in for the rest of the year - (once a month)​,​ the private legal secretary to a former Prime Minister​,​ celebrities as well as stressed out corporates and stay at home mums. Feedbacks: "A colleague of mine asked me if I'd had lip filler" - London Heart Magazine "My face still had a glow 48 hours later". - Vogue Magazine. The Sunday Times referred to it as​,​ "Psychic Botox". "My face lifted." Lisa Barrett - Influencer. I’m instantly blown away by the strength of what feels like static electricity coming in waves; - Sheerluxe Magazine "My skin felt tighter​,​ my face more sculpted and the heaviness under my eyes had disappeared - Sheerluxe magazine Location: Once you make a booking​,​ I will confirm which location in Central London it will take place as I use different studious in Central location.

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