Healing Journey  Feel & He{a}el
Nicola R
Nicola R

Healing Journey Feel & He{a}el

One-To-One private session

Aloha​,​ Let's connect to start your healing journey​,​ no matter on which you are! Breathe Deeply Relax Expand Trust & Receive It all starts with a deep breath and it truly matters how we feel every day. My favourite language is heart and tears are words the heart can’t express 💖 The Universe inspires us to sense our feelings and have a better understanding of our emotions. Life has tools that can help us to make the changes we want. I serve as a kind reminder of how you can access and expand the toolbox. The space we are cultivating by simply showing up and sharing attention is a very powerful process. Being witnessed through compassion does the magic work of energy alignment and gives you the enthusiasm to live this magnificent life with infinite possibilities. It is indeed an important aspect of life to seek help at times. When we look at our own vulnerability and search for a way to deal with it​,​ it is extremely important to accept the fact that it is not a sign of weakness but rather a sign of courage. Acceptance makes situations relaxed and with time you become aware of your treasures and Superpowers. Your conscious actions can exponentially improve the quality of life. It is absolutely acceptable to lean on a support system and receive the help. Remember As within so without. My perception of you is a reflection of me. My reaction to you is an awareness of myself. And vice versa. Between right and wrong there is a field​,​ I’ll meet you there through compassion. The pulsation and cycles of existence. Between contraction and expansion and between expansion and contraction there is a space of silence and stillness. This space is where all creation comes from and goes to. It is where duality is born and dissolved at the same time… “Emotions in Motion is FEEL & HE{A}EL” An invitation to explore the inner universe. “We dream of travels throughout the universe; is not the universe within us?” •Novalis• Back to the roots to reach the sky. We are stardust looking back at ourselves. Like fallen stars from the universe we are hurled down through the long loneliness of the world. When we behold and alchemise the pain and the pressure of existence​,​ we become diamonds and pearls. “We are not a drop in the ocean​,​ we are an entire ocean in a drop.” •Rumi• 🌊Sea you s♾️n💧 Mahalo

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