Thetahealing®: Clear, transform and create your new reality
Gerd Johannes  P
Gerd Johannes  P

Thetahealing®: Clear​,​ transform and create your new reality

One-To-One private session

Thetahealing® is indicated for people who seek to use their power of self-healing and self-responsibility in order to create a healthy and abundant reality​,​ free from emotional dependencies and needs​,​ free from mental blocks and free from physical pain. Benefits: Clear and transform limiting beliefs​,​ creating a new healthy and abundant reality. Helps improve issues of anxiety​,​ stress​,​ depression​,​ fear and trauma. Clear resentments​,​ regrets and feelings of rejection​,​ emotional pain​,​ anger​,​ sadness​,​ guilt and other low vibration feelings. Raise vibration through downloads. Increase self-esteem. Brings abundance through clearing limiting beliefs and emotions that block the energy flow in our lives. Facilitate self-forgiveness and the forgiveness of others. During the Thetahealing session​,​ through a conversation between the client and the therapist​,​ the deeper causes of mental​,​ emotional​,​ physical and spiritual imbalances (often hidden in the subconscious) are uncovered to clear and to transform them. The session can be done online or in person.

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